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We, European aborigines - Semino, et alia, also confirm

We, European aborigines - Semino, et alia, also confirm

Ornella Semino, et al. report in SCIENCE, VOL 290, 10 NOVEMBER 2000, 1155-1159:

"Two lineages (those characterized by M173 and M170) appear to have been present in Europe since Paleolithic times"

"...haplotype Eu19, which is derived from the M173 lineage and is distinguished by M17, is virtually absent in Western Europe. Its frequency increases eastward and reaches a maximum in Poland, Hungary, and Ukraine, where Eu18 in turn is virtually absent."

"We estimated the age of M173 by using the variation of three microsatellites, namely DYS19, YCAIIa, and YCAIIb (22). Although an estimate of 30,000 years for M173 must be interpreted cautiously (23), it is consistent with our hypothesis that M173 marks the Aurignac settlement in Europe or, at least, predates the LGM."

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