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Murder by Toxic Waste: The Anatomy of Greed

Murder by Toxic Waste: The Anatomy of Greed

Fehérlófő Study Group

One million cubic meters of toxic waste spilled; Magyar(1) families mourn their dead; 40 square kilometers devastated; land and waters are lifeless. And it's just the tip of the iceberg. New cracks in the dam are forming at this very moment.


During the last decade of the 20th century, the method of dictatorship forced onto Hungary by the World's superpowers changed from communism to capitalism. Under the guise of "privatization," the communist dictators installed in Hungary after World War II and kept in power by Soviet Occupational Forces, gave themselves and their Jewish relatives the wealth of the country. Overnight, government officials, their relatives and closest confidants became wealthy landowners, industrialist and multimillionaires. Hardline "communists" who have usurped power since the end of World War II with Soviet tanks "in the name of the people" became instant "capitalists" who now usurp the common wealth of the people with Western bankers' money.

The shift from military terror to economic terror - and now environmental terror - in Hungary was the brainchild of financier and member of the Bilderberg group, "the Man Who Broke the Bank of England," György Schwartz (a.k.a. Soros), and former Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives, Thomas Peter Lantos, who claimed to be the only "holocaust surviver" in the U.S. Congress. Both of these individuals have lived in Hungary at one time or another. These two individuals were the architects of Hungary's "capitalization" the effects of which now threaten Central Europe. In 1989, they orchestrated the transfer of power from the Soviet installed communist regimes of dictators Mátyás Roth (a.k.a. Rákosi), son of a Jewish grocer, and János Czermanik-Kressinger (a.k.a. Kádár) into the hands of a new generation of Jews living in Hungary and looking for ways to maintain their stranglehold on the country. Waving a variety of banners, these aliens began to morsel out the country amongst themselves. Under the guise of "privatization," national treasures and state assets of value were sold to these foreign interests - whether living in Hungary or abroad - at a token price. These interests set up private corporations for one purpose: to bleed these assets dry, to consume everything in their paths but contribute nothing, then dump the empty carcasses onto the taxpayer to clean up the devastation left behind.

To further increase profit margins, the Gyurcsány(2) government brought in legislation effectively removing the previous "hazardous" designation from toxic byproducts his wife's company produced. By eliminating the cost of neutralizing dangerous waste material and of maintaining safeguards, corporations that produced toxic waste could now channel a greater chunk of their revenues into profits. One such multinational toxic waste producing corporation is MAL Zrt.(3), a private company with net sales of 56 billion forints (2007). Driven by greed, its owners - none of whom are Magyars - failed to maintain the dams around their toxic waste storage facility despite repeated warnings of leakage over the years by local residents. "Local environmentalists say they have tried to call the government's attention to the risks of red sludge for years, pointing to a 2003 report in which they estimated the waste at 30 million tons" (The Independent). MAL is also responsible for the environmental disaster of 2007 that killed off fish in Torna creek. Government inspectors routinely rubber-stamped (even these watered-down compliance) inspection reports, the most recent only days before the present disaster.

Árpád Bakonyi is Chairman of the Board and 30% shareholder (with his son, Zoltán) of the multinational MAL Zrt., owner of the toxic waste sludge that has so far killed 7 Magyars - including a child - injured another 150, some missing, destroyed the homes and farms of 390, and otherwise wiped out the livelihood of 7000 Hungarians. Other principals are Árpád Bakonyi's son, Zoltán, Managing Director of MAL; Béla Petrusz, former CEO and 30% shareholder; Lajos Tolnay, 40% shareholder; and Martin Rümmelein, current CEO. The total personal wealth of these individuals is estimated at over 80 billion HUF - this does not include the net worth of MAL.

The scale of this ecological disaster - visible since October 4, 2010 - cannot even be estimated. All life on the affected land and in rivers has been extinguished, groundwater is contaminated, farmlands will take decades to recover - if at all. And it's not over: The bulk of the toxic waste is still sitting high above Hungarian villages and farmlands, its viscosity and fine grain bordering on the criteria for further mudslides. Further, new cracks are also developing elsewhere in the dam. To make matters worse, if the sludge is allowed to dry, the wind will carry the toxic dust halfway around the globe. Such is the face of unchained greed.

In addition to the tragic losses of life and of the livelihood of the Magyars in the area, as well as the loss of use of land and its resources, the cleanup costs - if at all possible - will run in the billions. Although MAL Zrt., has been dealing in billions of forints, it maintained insurance for only about $200,000. It now denies all responsibility for the disaster, claiming it's an act of nature. The European Union categorically refused support claiming that the Government of Hungary (i. e., the taxpayer) should be able to solve the situation by itself.

This the current situation: Millions of cubic meters of pH 13 sludge - that also contains heavy metals - threatens even more villages, farms and waterways. Other European states downstream of the Danube are justifiably worried about the ecological impact of this disaster. The catastrophe of Hungary's Veszprém County did not begin in 2010. It began centuries ago when an alien people began to invade Europe. The Magyars have repeatedly tried to shake off this parasitic people, be it the Rothschilds who financed the Habsburgs (1848) or the Roths (Rákosi) and Kleins (Apró) who terrorized the Magyars with their Secret Police (ÁVÓ) backed up by Soviet tanks (1956) - not counting two World Wars in between. Sadly, whenever victory was within the Magyar's reach, the World's superpowers ordered massive foreign military interventions to crush the Magyars and to restore to power these parasites. Hungary's Veszprém County is but a window into the machinery of a savage aggression on the heart of Europe, nay, on humanity, that began with the migration of a people from the Middle East in search of a new "Promised Land."

So what's next? How does one cope with murder by toxic waste? How does one protect one's family, homeland and way of life against the unchained greed of an alien aggressor kept in power by corrupt politicians, domestic and foreign? The Magyars don't need "charity". They are a resourceful, hard-working people able to take care of themselves and even help others in need, as they have done so many times over centuries past. U. S. President Theodore Roosevelt, himself a historian, states in his address to the Hungarian Parliament on April 2, 1910: "The whole civilized world is indebted to Magyarland for its historic deeds." What the Magyars need is the solemn resolve of the decent people of the World to stop supporting regimes that bow to and feed the insatiable greed of an alien people, a non-native swarm that is devouring Europe this very moment. Today, it's the Magyars who are losing their lives and their homeland. Who will be next?

Fehérlófő Study Group


(1) Hungarians are citizens or residents of Hungary. Magyars are the autochthonous ethnic group in the Carpathian Basin, mostly in today's Hungary.

(2) Ferenc Gyurcsány is the son of a common criminal and repeat offender (See, MVSZ report). His activities included: president of the central KISZ committee (Organization of Young Communists); director of EUROCORP International Finance Inc.; CEO at Altus Ltd., a holding company of which he was owner then Chairman of the Board; appointed Prime Minister of Hungary by his party (MSZP) in 2002 and illegitimately kept in power until 2009 when his party replaced him. In 2002, he was listed as the 50th richest person in Hungary, an 'oligarch who earned most of his money by leveraging on his ex-communist contacts to make contracts to transfer government property into his private property' (wikipedia.org). His third wife, Klára Dobrev is the daughter of the infamous Antal Klein (a.k.a. Apró), illegitimate son of a Jewish chambermaid, Roth's minister, and "executioner" of freedom-fighters following the 1956 uprising. Ferenc Gyurcsány is MAL's owners' longtime business partner (Bakonyi Bauxitbánya Kft., Bauxit Bányavagyonkezelő Kft., Magyar Timföldipari Kft.).

(3) MAL Hungarian Aluminium Production and Trade Company: Ajka - Head Office, H-8400 Ajka, Gyártelep, Hrsz.: 598. H-8401 Ajka, Pf.: 124. Tel: +36-88-522-400, Fax: +36-88-311-634, E-mail: Ez az e-mail-cím a szpemrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.. Budapest - Commercial Direction, H-1012 Budapest, Logodi u. 34/b. III. em., H-1388 Budapest, Pf.: 63., Tel: +36-1-309-4200, Fax: +36-1-309-4211, E-mail: Ez az e-mail-cím a szpemrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.. SENIOR MANAGEMENT: Zoltán Bakonyi, Managing Director; Martin Rümmelein, Chief Executive Officer. MAL owns subsidiaries in Germany, Romania, Bosnia and Slovenia. DIVISION BAUXITE AND HYDRATE: Line of business: supplying alumina production with bauxite, strategic mineral management, professional supervision and direction of domestic and foreign bauxite production sites in the company’s ownership or interest. Producing aluminum hydroxides of different quality and use. DIVISION HYDRAT PROCESSING: Line of business: Producing aluminum hydroxides, calcined aluminas of different quality and grade. MAL Deutschland Aluminium Handelsgesellschaft mbH: Niederkasseler Kirchweg 117., D-40547  Tel.: +49-211-556-05-88, Fax: +49-211-559-12-33. MAL-Product S.R.L.: RO-530153 Miercurea-Ciuc, Str. Zorilor 38/A, Tel.: +40-266-372-428, Fax: +40-266-372-007

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