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Hungary’s peace is not for sale!

The position of the Hungarian Peace Community

On the eve of the European Union summit on February 1, the Hungarian Peace Community assures the government of its support for the peace policy of the Hungarian Government against the pro-war policy of Brussels, and urges Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to draw courage from the will of the overwhelming majority of the Hungarian people for peace in the face of the unprecedented pressure on him.

We are outraged by the colonialist style in which the EU leadership treats our country. They have declared the continuation of the war against Russia to be in their “strategic interest”, and they even question our right to vote if we base our sovereignty on a policy of peace for the sake of our country, our nation, our people. The payment of billions of euros due to us is also tied to the condition that we withdraw our veto and vote for 50 billion euros for Zelensky’s Ukraine. They want to impose their will on us, to revise our ban on the transfer of weapons and the training of Ukrainian soldiers, and to deliver weapons and ammunition to Ukraine from Hungarian stockpiles. They want to make us part of their war against Russia, and if necessary, shed our blood instead of theirs.

Nothing is dear to our allies, if their interests so desire! Why should we let history repeat itself?! Wasn’t that enough? Could it be questioned whether we are interested in war or peace? Or will they tell us what we can choose? In Brussels on February 1, we must make it clear that we want peace. Hungary’s peace is not for sale!

Source: Hungarian Peace Community

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