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Desecration of a nation

Desecration of a nation

Hungary: March 15th, 2011: ... _ _ _ ...

The illegitimate, alien-controlled puppet-government kept in power in Hungary by armed Israeli agents, riot police and mercenaries has once again shown its utter hatred of Hungarians and their sacred traditions, but especially of their patriotism.

Whereas in the USA, singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" on the 4th of July; in France, "La Marseillaise" on the 14th of July, in Great Britain, "God Save the Queen"; in Germany, "Das Lied der Deutschen"; in Russia, "Gosudarstvenny Gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii"; in fact, the singing of the National Anthem on a national holiday in every country in the World, is an uplifting spiritual experience - even for tourist. In every country, except Hungary, that is. Hungarians who sing the National Anthem of Hungary, "Isten Áld meg a Magyart" ("God Bless the Hungarian"), in public during a Hungarian national holiday are arrested.


Whereas elsewhere in the World patriotism is held in the highest regard, cherished and encouraged, in Israeli-controlled Hungary, ordinary men and women who would be called patriots elsewhere are labelled "extremist," "antisemites," "terrorists," "racists", "fascist," and "nazis;" and are arrested for publicly singing their National Anthem, by agents of a foreign power asserting its control over the Carpathian Basin.

But, see for yourself:


Central Europe is being overrun by an alien people; Hungary is being turned into a European Gaza, in broad daylight, right before Europe's eyes. But, Europe's silence is deafening. Systematic disinformation has numbed the minds of intelligent people; amputated the souls of decent folks.

Who will be next?

A hozzászólások lehetősége 2023.11.03-án megszűnt.

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