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Peoples of Ukraine: Will you choose slavery or freedom?

Peoples of Ukraine: Will you choose slavery or freedom?

We don't usually take an interest in political news. But our brethren's(*) situation in Ukraine in general, and in Subcarpathia in particular, has prompted us to state our website's position in this case.

The current events in Ukraine dreadfully resemble the Jewish coup, popularly called "varmint-rebellion", led by Bela Cohen (Kun) in Hungary in 1918-19. (http://magyarmegmaradasert.hu/in-english/our-history/1701). In both cases, Western European banker-dynasties planned, financed and illegally put into power a Jewish despot to rule a country on their behalf. Bela Cohen (Kun) was financed from France by Western European and American financiers (e.g. Loeb, Khon, Schiff, Rothschild) via Lenin, the offspring of the Jewish Blank family. Likewise, Arseniy Yatsenyuk is financed by Western European and American Jewish financiers, this time from Belgium (Brussels).

There can be no doubt, the mandate of those who have been usurping power over the past few days in Kiev - Arseniy Yatsenyuk(**) and his Jewish accomplices - is the total subjugation of the peoples of Ukraine. Everyone who is in command of his mental faculties can unmistakably read that in the EU's conditions (dictate) for Ukraine.

Their methods are the same today as they were in 18-19 in our country, Hungary: incessant lying and propagation of disinformation. And, of course their reign of terror. The only difference is that today they kill with sharpshooters' bullets instead of the rope. But their executioners are the same brigands mankind had already labeled "Hebrew" four thousand years earlier (from "habiru", "they who murder with webs of deceit", http://magyarmegmaradasert.hu/in-english/our-beliefs/1666).

At present, only the Ukrainian Armed Forces are able to save our Hungarian and Ukrainian brethren. We call their leaders' attention to Ukrainian Vice Admiral Andrei Tarasov, who demonstrated his patriotism by refusing to carry out the unlawful orders issued by an illegitimate "varmint"-government in Kiev.

Ukrainian commanders and staff officers:

Meditate at length on the consequences of executing unlawful orders and commands. DO NOT FIRE ON YOUR BRETHREN! DO NOT FIRE ON YOUR OWN KIND! DO NOT CARRY OUT THE ORDERS AND COMMANDS OF AN ALIEN EVIL MINORITY! The only real power is in your hands. Remember your oath of allegiance. This hour will paint the image you will see in your mirrors and in your grandchildren's eyes. Use your power to save your homeland from the claws of the "varmint" that's terrorizing your capital. Deploy your forces before you lose them, as we, Hungarians lost ours in 1918-19. Because if you don't, you, too, will lose two-thirds of you homeland - or all of it.

With kindred regards,


(*) Genetically, the autochthonous Ukrainians, Croats, Poles and Hungarians are siblings (Semono, et. al, 2000).

(**) An "impudent little Jew" (Serhiy Ratushniak, 2009).

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