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Justice for Hungary!

Justice for Hungary!
Protest against the malicious, and insulting media campaign against Hungary, and Hungarians everywhere.

The purpose of this document is to raise our voices for Hungary and Hungarians against the ongoing false accusations and insults in which they call Hungary and Hungarians anti-democratic.

The Hungarian Canadian community finds it offensive, and outrageous that only nine months after the election of an expressly non-communist Government in Hungary, a series of articles in Canada's Maclean's Magazine, and the Globe and Mail go out of their ways to portray the newly elected legitimate representatives of the Hungarian Government, and Hungarians as inherently antidemocratic, and questions the commitment of Hungarians to democracy.

In the followings, we wish to list some of the recent articles in Maclean's Magazine that serve no other purpose than degrading, and insulting the Hungarian nation, and Hungarians everywhere.

An article in June 17, 2009 issue of Maclean's already warns of the alleged danger of the rise of fascism in Hungary. Meanwhile, Hungary is a member of NATO Alliance, and a member of the European Union.

Another article [that] appeared in Maclean's magazine right after the elections, titled: "The Return of Hitler," (April 21 2010) is but a revolting, and baseless attempt to associate the newly elected Hungarian Government with fascism, and equate its leader with Hitler. With a full-blown portrait of Hitler on the front page, this attempt is a shameless example of deliberate hatemongering, and insult against Hungarians.

The latest article, again in Maclean's magazine titled: "The Return of the Iron Fist" by Anna Porter is a shameless act of hatemongering, and the most offensive compilation of insults that have appeared in print in Canada yet.

The sole aim of "Iron Fist" is to create confusion and raise fury about the properly conceived, lawfully introduced, and democratically approved, new Hungarian Media Law. (Act CLXXX On Media Services and Mass Media)

The falsehoods, deceptions, and the obscurities of the Maclean's article are just too numerous to be dealt with here. At this place, we wish only to highlight the most contemptible examples of shabby journalism, and a reckless attempt by the author of the Maclean's article to insult the Hungarians by questioning and denying their commitment to democracy:

-The Maclean's cites Article 13 of the Hungarian Media Law, and draws the very predictable negative conclusions based on provided quote. The text cited as being part of Article 13 does not exist in that article. As it turns out, the author combines three separate snippets from the law to construct the supposed text of Paragraph 13.

-The Maclean's article cites the following text as direct quote: "all the media providers shall provide authentic, rapid and accurate comprehensive, factual, up-to date, objective and balanced coverage of local, national, and European issues." The above "quote" does not exist in the Hungarian Media Law. A similar quote exists stating that not "all media", but "public media", that is media outlets established, and run at Government's expense "shall provide authentic, rapid and accurate comprehensive, factual, up-to date, objective and balanced coverage of local, national, and European issues. How else should a publicly founded media outlet broadcast?

There is not one single allegation neither in the Maclean's article, nor in the article of the Globe and Mail that is not slanted, out of context, or outright false.

The article in Globe and Mail of January 29, 2011 bearing the sensation seeking title: "Hungary's Strongman Spooks Europe" is a repetitive compilation of unsubstantiated allegations, and unfounded accusations against the newly elected Prime Minister of Hungary, Mr. Viktor Orbán. The new Hungarian Media Law is but a pretext to question the commitment of the newly elected Hungarian Government to democracy.

There is no mention in the present Globe and Mail article of the fact that the new Hungarian Media Law replaces the old Communist Media Law of 1986 by which any media outlet could be banned instantly, and without appeal by simply removing its name from the Government run media registry. There is no attempt by Globe and Mail to compare the content of the new Hungarian Media Law by way of comparing, and contrasting it with the content of existing Canadian regulations either - an elementary requirement of proper journalism, and basic writing skills indeed.

The whole enterprise of the "Question of the Hungarian Language Law" is artificially created; in reality it has no basis whatsoever, because:

1.The new Hungarian Media Law was drafted, introduced, and accepted by the Hungarian Parliament in the prescribed democratic form by the overwhelming majority of the dully-elected representatives of the Hungarian people.

2.The rules about the media of the member countries of EU fall in the exclusive jurisdiction of the member countries. In other words, the Media Laws of member countries within the European Union are a sovereign (independent, and internal) matter, and this pertains to Hungary as well.

3.Despite this, the Hungarian Government has voluntarily agreed to change any provisions of the Law, if the proper authorities of the EU can find any regulations in it, which do not already exist in any of the legislations of the member countries of the EU.

4.There is a set timetable concerning the implementation, and the compatibility of the Hungarian Media Law with the similar laws of other countries. The process of evaluating the Media Law by the EU is on target, but it is not yet completed. As of now, Hungary is to provide a written response to the European Union regarding its recommendations.

5.All the questions, and accusations raised by the current articles were already thoroughly discussed previously by at least two programs in the BBC. In one of these programs, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, Mr. János Martonyi has addressed, and explained adequately the media law. In his recent speech in Strasbourg, the Prime Minister of Hungary, Mr. Viktor Orbán has also addressed the very same questions that are being raised in the current Maclean's article. It is most peculiar that the Maclean's article lists many dubious sources, including a most peculiar Internet blog run by a paid lobbyist, but it omits to mention the above BBC interviews with Mr. Martonyi, or Mr. Orbán's recent clarifications provided in Strasbourg about the same issues.

Based on the above, it is clear that neither the series of Maclean's articles, nor the above discussed Globe and Mail do not even aim to provide valid information, or reasoned opinion to their readers: their sole purpose is to insult, to degrade, and to incite hatred against the Hungarians for not voting the way they were expected to by the big corporations. Just recently, a truly newsworthy document came to light proving beyond doubt, that the current anti Hungarian campaign reaching as far as Canada is incited, and fuelled by the narrow segment of privileged few in Hungary, who ran the country to the ground by serving the interests of outside ideologies, and now they can not accept the outcome of the democratic elections.

We resent the false accusation of being antidemocratic, and not conforming to European standards. Hungary, and the Hungarians are deeply committed to democracy. Hungary's statehood is more than a thousand year old, and is inherently tied to Europe by the mere fact of its inception accepting Christianity, and receiving a crown in accordance with the customs of the time, asserting the rights and responsibilities of statehood in Europe.

After over forty years of Communist, and Post communist rule the overwhelming majority of Hungarians voted for democratic changes, and for a government whose policies puts emphasis on the interest of its citizens. Like all democratic nations, the present Hungarian government is only exercising its clear mandate it has received from over seventy percent of the people.

As Canadian-Hungarians, we resent these false accusations perpetrated by Maclean's magazine as misrepresenting our nation and criticising us as fascists for daring to vote, and elect a government committed to the revival, and the unity of the Hungarian nation. For this reason, the Hungarian Canadians fully support the aims, and objectives of the newly elected Hungarian Government under the most talented, and committed leadership of Mr. Viktor Orbán.

The Hungarians do not wish to hear only praise, but the truth. When the commitment of Hungary, and Hungarians to democracy is questioned, and when our whole culture, and heritage is offended, we, as any other nation, or community must raise our voices against it. Enough already. We want justice!

Toronto, January 31, 2011

Canadian Hungarian Heritage Association,
Szekler Hungarian Association of Canada,
Maple Leaf Canadian Hungarian Civic Circle,
Hungarian Cultural Centre, Niagara Falls,
Canadian Hungarian Cultural Society of Calgary,
Canadian Hungarian Cultural Society of Edmonton,
Magyar Élet - Hungarian Life weekly Canada

Editors' statement, 2012: We, the administration of magyarmegmaradasert.hu support and applaud the authors' efforts to expose the malicious and fraudulent news-disinformation and opinions that can only be considered anti-Hungarian hatemongering propagated by the owners of the named media, Maclean's, and Globe and Mail.

However, we do not agree with and do not support the authors' stance on several issues, but will limit voicing our objections, here, to only one:

We do not support Viktor Orbán or his "government", who, in our opinion, willingly or under duress, serves not the interests of the Magyar people, but those of an alien group of foreign capitalist and financiers, and Israeli and pro-Israeli organizations whose stated goal is the Jewish colonization of the Carpathian Basin*, while its observable activity is the orchestration of the ethnic cleansing of the region. The mandate of Hungary's "governments" over the past twenty-two years can be inferred from its activities: the implementation and facilitation of a change in the way said alien group conducts its activity, switching from orchestrating the overt extermination of Magyars to their covert, unrelenting economic decimation – invariably deploying the host state's powers against the people. The so-called "Orbán Government" continues this ethnic cleansing, but the referenced Canadian media's Jewish owners are conceivably dissatisfied with the slow pace of the Jewish colonization of Hungary,** and, consequently, with Viktor Orbán's performance.

Also, we do not recognize the legitimacy of any organization claiming to be the "Government of Hungary" based on the present unlawful "constitution," or on any other alien, and, therefore, also unlawful, governance framework. The Magyar people have a value-system, a set of fundamental principles and established governance precedents, and fundamental laws, collectively called the Holy Crown's Value-System, that date back to at least the beginning of known history, a Value-System that exclusively regulates the governance of Magyar society, and lays down the governance framework no man-made institution can override, set aside, or annul.

The Holy Crown's Value-System provides for changing needs by authorizing the Magyar people to bring about changes in the form of new or revised laws, but does not allow deviation from, changes to, or setting aside said principles, precedents or fundamental laws. Consequently, all man-made institutions that attempt the latter process simultaneously become de facto illegitimate – according to Hungarian Law.

A Government of Hungary can gain legitimacy only by adopting the Holy Crown's Value-System, which prescribes the legal process required to form a Hungarian Government. Neither the organization that today refers to itself as the "Government of Hungary" nor its predecessors in recent history, have adopted the Holy Crown's Value-System, nor did they follow the prescribed legal process required to form a government, and are, therefore, illegitimate. The source of their power is not law, but the use of unlawful force.

"That, which is taken away from us by force, is recoverable with the needed strength, wisdom and will, but the recovery of what we voluntarily forsake is surely doubtful... it is lost." (Deák, Ferenc)


* "We are buying Manhattan, Hungary, Romania and Poland," Simon Peres, Tel-Aviv, 2007.

** Salamon Berkowitz, had "decreed"(!) that Nyírség, a district of Hungary, is "the new homeland of Québec Hasidic Jews."

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