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IPC-2017 conference, closing document

AMKKWe, undersigned, took part in the International Political Conference (IPC-2017), reviewing the validity of the Paris Peace Treaties, 1947. We acknowledged all presented argument and evidence, and after understanding them, we agreed, that the host of the conference, the Royal Hungarian Crown Council as an international legal entity, represents the „Countries of the Hungarian Holy Crown", as a state.

The conference has been convened to review the Paris Peace Treaties, 1947 in line with the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969. And 1986, redefine its validity, sustainability, and to negotiate its possible settlement, then decide upon its future on a base of common understanding among all interested parties. Given the 70 years that passed since the signing of this treaty, the radical transformation of the social, political and economic relations, and the huge financial and moral gap between the leaders and the citizens of the Earth, this review has become inevitable.

We established that the named treaty, according to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, accepted by all parties or successors, is a written agreement covered by the international law. The document is a treaty between the Allied powers and Hungary.

We found that this review, according to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties' 2. Article's 1. d) Point, the 2. Title's 19. Article and the IV. Part's 39. Article, is able to declare the Paris Peace Treaty null and void with the objections against this treaty. With the accepted objections, the „Pacta sunt servanda" (the agreements must be fulfilled) principle is applicable according to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties' 21. Article.

Based upon the presented and listed direct and indirect evidence, itemized and confirmed in the protocol, the participants of the IPC-2017 agree that the standpoint of the Royal Hungarian Crown Council is well-founded and by unanimous vote issue the undermentioned resolution:

The resolution of the International Political Conference (IPC-2017)

„Given that the recognition of the dignity and equal rights of every human being constitutes the basis of freedom, justice and peace on this world", hereby we declare and inform every involved parties, that

The Paris Peace Treaty, 1947 is null and void.

As a corollary of this resolution, all political regulation mentioned in the treaty also loses its effect, and the „Holy Crown's Law and Order", presented by the Royal Hungarian Crown Council, becomes the legal successor.

The original document is in Hungarian language, on 2 pages, only valid with the original signatures on the second page. Can be found in the Royal Hungarian Crown Council archives:
1384 Budapest Pf. 736, or
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There are signatures

A copy is sent to the invited countries' governments and to the United Nations and Human-rights-house.

Addendum I.

Declaration of the restoration of the sovereignty of the Holy Crown by the Royal Hungarian Crown Council, March 4, 2017

The now independent (according to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties) „Countries of the Hungarian Holy Crown" – short name: Kingdom of Hungary – in its succession notice, uses the principle of state succession in line with international law. Because of this, the legal entity „Magyarország" named in the „Magyarország Alaptörvénye" titled one-sided legal notice, is no longer legal and all its movable and immovable state properties fall back on the Kingdom of Hungary, at the same time the Kingdom of Hungary uses the principle of the „clean slate", therefore no contract of the predecessor state will be applicable to the Kingdom of Hungary.

The Hungarian nation returns to their forbears' former law and order.

Addendum II.

As a consequence of the issued resolution of the IPC-2017 Conference, the Kingdom of Hungary can now issue legal documents through its Central Office of Public Administration and Electronic Public Services (AMK KEK KH). These legal documents (ID cards) can be legitimately used as passports in any countries, as the Kingdom of Hungary accepts all other countries' official documents.

 Az eredeti dokumentum IPC-2017 konferencia záródokumentuma ITT letölthető: →

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