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In commemoration of June 4, 1920

June 4, 1920 cannot be deleted from the memory of Hungarians, since two thirds of millenary Hungary were annexed to states, whose historical stature could not compare to that of the Kingdom of Hungary, the first European state organized on the county system, with a constitution established by the Golden Bull of 1222, unique in that it gave the nation the prerogative of deposing the monarch in the event of the abuse of royal power.

 This infamous state of affairs was dictated by the four Great Powers in a Machiavellian manner by promising that with the armistice of the First World War, there would be "no victors or defeated". This noble objective was thwarted by Georges Clemenceau and Eduard Benes, who hated the Hungarians. Their goal was to divide up millenary Hungary. Their lobbying of the American President Wilson and Lloyd George of England resulted in the discarding of Wilson's "fourteen points" as a condition of the armistice. After that, the dictation of the conditions for peace to the Hungarians was just a formality, which was completed in a revolting manner by humiliating the Hungarians who were held under house-arrest in their hotel in Paris. Unbelievable! As for the negotiations of the peace conditions, no suggestion from the Hungarian delegation was even considered. The text of the Peace Treaty had to be accepted in its entirety. Count Apponyi, the leader of the Hungarian delegation, had no choice but to resign, if he did not wish to be considered a traitor to his nation by signing the Treaty. This is just what he did.

If we refer to the testimony of those present at the last meeting, where Count Apponyi delivered his arguments, the contemptible behavior of the representatives of the four Great Powers – the "victors" – was very noticeable. They paid no attention at all to what he was saying in three languages. Today, we can conclude from this that they were more like a band of outlaws, imposing the death sentence on Hungary, without the opportunity for appeal.

Certainly such behavior was possible because the negotiations took place behind closed doors between the "robbers", including the new regent of Hungary, Admiral Horthy, who took over the power in Budapest. He was aided by the French Colonel Vix, who bivouacked in Hungary, Szeged.

It was important for the four Great Powers to expel Lenin's Bolsheviks from Hungary, who would never have accepted the Dictated Peace. Once the Dictate was accepted by Admiral Horthy, Lenin was the first to denounce and condemn it.

All this means that Hungary was the victim of an occult conspiracy, which had nothing to do with the falsified reasons advanced in order to butcher Hungary.

Since that time, the attitude of the western states towards Hungary and the Hungarians has been visibly hostile, in order to camouflage their guilt in having committed one of the greatest injustices against a nation, whose historical past is one of the most glorious in the history of humanity. It was also one of the reasons for the dismantling of Hungary on June 4, 1920.

Since that time, the Hungarians have remembered, and still remember Trianon, in spite of the worst historical conditions that the West has imposed on them and still continues to impose on them today, under the yoke of the regulations of the European Union, where the majority of the leaders reflect the spirit of Trianon Dictate, knowing full well that, sooner or later, justice must be given to the Hungarians.

Nothing indicates this more than the situation at the time of the change of the communist regime in Hungary in 1989, when the American Department of State called upon potential politicians to govern the new Hungary. Two questions gave the international community cause for concern: the question of the Trianon Dictate and that of Hungary's foreign debt.

Alas, those responsible for the Trianon Dictate quickly found docile henchmen that they could place in power in Hungary and thus avoid the danger of a re-examination of the question of the unjust treaties and other disputes with the West. The new vassals in Hungary declined the offer of the Kuchman government in the Ukraine to return to Hungary the Hungarian territory they inherited from the Soviet Empire, because they were afraid of destabilizing the Carpathian Basin and revealing to the entire world the infamous injustice committed against the Hungarian nation.

Unfortunately, this permanent conspiracy against Hungary has other objectives too, among others the prohibition against naming those guilty of crimes against humanity, perpetrated by the so-called "communist" regime, which caused the Revolution and Freedom Fight of 1956.

If anyone dared to be objective in the true description of the past 93 years of the history of Hungary and the Hungarian nation, the veil of hypocrisy and the occult conspiracies of the so-called "democracies" would fall and demystify them, with unpredictable repercussions on a world-wide scale.

What is reassuring is that, in the near future, the emergence of truth is inevitable, for it is impossible that mankind can survive the immorality of states in the government of their people.

In spite of all the lies about the Hungarians, as always in the course of history, they have shown that the wisdom of the Magi of the nation (Magi = Magyar) survives, and that morality is the salvation of man and of mankind.

The international community has no other choice than to re-establish millenary Hungary, sooner or later, for the justice and equality of peoples demand this. Otherwise our planet will become unlivable if injustice prevails everywhere. This is to what the Hungarians aspire each year in commemorating June 4, 1920.

Charles Sucsan

Free thinker


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